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Blakeley Books provides professional bookkeeping and technical writing services to small businesses, helping them manage their day-to-day finances.

Tel: 123.456.7890

We Offer

Bookkeeping Services

Blakeley Books offers professional bookkeeping services that include daily bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, financial statement preparation, and more. We use Intuit's QuickBooks® software to provide business owners with real-time financial information and help them make informed business decisions.

Technical Writing Services

Blakeley Books also helps with data-heavy writing tasks.  Spreadsheets and financial presentations are exactly what we love to do! No job is too small or too large, so give us a call today and find out how we can help.

Services Offered...

Bigger is not always better...

Maintaining focus on your small business.

Blakeley Books focuses solely on small businesses and organizations.  Unlike big accounting firms, Blakeley Books has the time to help the small business owner achieve big things!  With clear communication and a supportive, learning atmosphere, clients can rest easy knowing that their books are in good hands by a caring and trustworthy bookkeeper.  


“Joanna's concise communication and efficient setup has helped take our business to the next level. I am so glad we hired Blakeley Books as our remote bookkeeping service!”  -- Jesse

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